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Whether you're interested in raiding, or just looking for a social guild. INCUBUS offers a stable friendly environment for everyone.


Do you have what it takes, and understand the guilds casual approach? If so; click on the Join Us. Write a beautiful and witty app, and see where the recruitment process takes you.


It goes with out saying that a guild is only as good as it members. The right attitude is the most important factor of INCUBUS.


Visit's armoury for a complete list of the INCUBUS line up. (That is until we can actually get a feed from them). ยป

Raid Recruitment

CASUAL Raiding at its best. Currently seeking Ranged DPS / Healer for Normal/Heroic Progression


INCUBUS understand that sometimes real life has to come first, and therefore raid signup requirements are as flexible as we can be whilst still maintaining good progress.

Looking to raid? Our raid nights are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday (20:30 to 23:30 Server Time).